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European Lacrosse Sixes Convention

The European Lacrosse Sixes Convention is an international associative event with a program of seminars and clinics, dedicated to participants with a special interest in Lacrosse Sixes. This event will bring together coaches, managers, athletes, fans of the sport for clinics in both classroom and on the field with clinicians from the International Lacrosse Federation (World Lacrosse), European Lacrosse Federation (ELF), and the Lisbon Lacrosse Association.

Institutional events involving participants and Federations are scheduled. The European Lacrosse Sixes Convention expects to have participants from 9 countries during the 4 days of the event, constituting an important economic impact for the Algarve region, in a traditionally low season for the region, and with a relevant impact on the recovery of the sector after -pandemic.

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